St. Paul's Cathedral Columbarium

Located in the lower level of St. Paul's Cathedral, the Columbarium is a permanent part of the church structure and serves as sanctuary for the cremated remains of individuals and families.

The access-controlled, indoor facility provides year-round safety which is carefully monitored by church staff.

Protected from the outside elements by St. Paul's Cathedral, comfort is assured in a climate-controlled, tranquil setting surrounded by the warmth of oak fixtures, subdued lighting, carpeted floors, stained glass windows. Individual or companion niches are solidly constructed from oak with either glass or solid fronts.

Cremated remains will receive safe, proper and respectful care in St. Paul's Columbarium. The same congregational and community support which has preserved St. Paul's Cathedral as an important spiritual part of Regina ensures on-going care. St. Paul's Vestry and Columbarium Board of Management are strongly committed to this unique service.

If you would like more information about the Columbarium or would like to view the facility, please write to:

St. Paul's Cathedral
1861 McIntyre Street
´╗┐Regina, SK S4P 2R2

or call (306) 522-6439 ext 2

Direct contact can be made to the Columbarium at (306) 352-8931 (please leave message if no answer)